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Red Max Speed Shop, lookin for stock right now! wotcha got? We like café racers, flattrackers, bobbers, hot rods and red hot pumpin rockabilly styleee!

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Hi I'm Steve Hillary, Had a bike shop all my working life, like a bit of racing - continued below ....(Google me - it's all bike related stuff!)

But first the rest of the team ......

Glenn Moger, Chief fabricator here - builder of many of our best bikes, with a keen eye and a steady hand. Also top upholsterer. Rosie and Shaun (Glenn's offspring) also help out at shows and all are most appreciated by me. Glenn is a Norton man, Shaun a Triumph, Rosie keen pillion rider.

Tony Hillary (Dad), Retired but still likes to get his hands dirty and can still show us young'uns a thing or two in the workshop! Fast rider in his time, and still has a Enfield in his mid seventies. 

Racy Rach, super retro chick and a hard rider too! The Saltlake Spitfire is her own Cafe Racer and she is a sharp Drag racer / sprinter. Runs the parts side and wraps a mean parcel....


So, a bit of information about me to let you know which way i'm coming from -

Have done a bit of everything bike orientated in my lifetime & including........

Drag Racing, Supermoto, Enduro, Sidecars - on and off road! Road racing, sprints and hill climbs, the one thing you'll notice is I wasn't any good at any of it! But I enjoyed every moment.

During all that I found I could build a good Ducati motor, and we won the Drag racing for a good few years with those engines.

Mainly I'm interested in Twins and singles- mainly four strokes with a few exceptions. Started out interested in British bikes, influenced by my dad (Tony) from a young age, and got involved in the Rockers Scene from school onwards 1977 etc. Brit bikes led me to the Battle of the Twins where I developed an interest in Ducati's as all the Brit bikes slowly disappeared from the racing.

Had a bike shop right from the moment I finished my apprenticeship (used to live in the storeroom of my first shop!) and have rented more units than I care to mention over the years! Got a bit of sponsorship off the back of the racing and ended up working for Ducati and then opening up a few Ducati Shops along the way, Pro-twins, Dr Desmo and Moto - Rapido being the later shops. Building engines for British superbike last year and Superstock last year - with Scott Smart as our rider!

Now I've sold my share of the Ducati shop and doing something I have a passion for - Flattrackers and cafe racers, so here we are. Just moved into the new premises, and i still have a Ducati section in the workshop (see REDMAXDUCATI.CO.UK) so I can put plenty of time and effort into this.

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The Flat Track side of the Speed shop is borne out of our Racing involvement with Shorttrack UK, the idea being to support the series by helping to build interest in the bikes at a street level i.e. street trackers and make parts and services available to racers under one roof.(We also sponsor the Thunderbike class!)

Am currently racing a 1977 XR750 Harley and 920 Norton in Shorttrack UK series - and loving it! I'm hoping to promote Flattrack over here as much as possible.
We aren't just talking about it either - we have already signed up to sponsor the Thunder bike class at Shorttrack UK this year, so make sure you get to at least one round for some very close racing! and it's the kind of sport where you can get in the pits and meet the people and smell the oil.

Cafe racers have been in my blood all my life and was passed down to me from me old man at a tender age, and ever since - whenever I bought a new bike home - as I was putting my gloves on I could hear the sound of my dad thrashing it off down the hill before I'd even sat on it!

Still own a Connie i've had since '82 and currently have a Triton and Paul Smart Cafe racers!
I'm so committed to it that I managed to crash my Norton on the way to the Rockers Reunion last year, just so's I'd have a better story about the ride than any one else!
Managed to smash off the front brake when she went down, but kicked it all straight, rode the bike home with no brakes and dug another bike out of the shed and still got to Brighton for egg, bacon and a cuppa.

Bobbers - well I just dig all that low-brow vintage look stuff and it fits right in with the Hot - Rod scene which I'm deep into as well (look at our Hayride pics).

So if you wanna be part of it all, just go to the contact page and let me know what I can do for you.

Thanks Steve 'Von' Hillary.

UPDATE - i recently wrote this for a magazine about REDMAX, so i'm including it here for your delectation.....

Ok.. Redmax is Europes only Flattrack shop! We are also a Cafe Racer shop, and there's not so many of those in England as you might imagine..... Our main interest is building bikes and supplying parts (we send all over the globe, even back to the yanks!) and traditional style is at the forefront although modern and retro influences always creep in (we use the best parts / technologies available at the time) such as suspension/brakes/electrics and so on.
My history is from the Brit bike scene and until Ducati entered my life, there was nothing else but British iron. Even now half my bikes are Brit - the other half Ducati.... It all started when the 851 came out and i took my Tricolour to the drag strip for some supertwins racing.... anyway i became a Ducati tuner and later started a very successfull Ducati dealership (moto Rapido).
Anyway after ten years of Ducati racing/tuning and selling, i decided i needed a change of direction, going back to my rootes as such and i'd already started racing Flattrack on a 1977 XR750..... so, well you know where this is going....
I sold out my share of the Ducati shop and rented a farm unit then started importing flattrack tanks seats from the US and set up the shop and workshop from there.
Now we are in a better unit with the workshop downstairs and shop upstairs, we are very busy building bikes and selling parts and it's nice being back to my rootes again building classic brit race style stuff, but it's also nice doing different stuff in between - such as sportster /XS/Honda and Ducati based bikes.
In short i love working here doing this, i have Glenn as my right hand man and my dad Tony works with me part-time and we all love it!
I'm in motorcycle utopia.
Hope all that makes sense, i just spilled it out there n then!

  • Forgot to mention the support of Racy Rach, who rides, models and even sometimes works in the shop with us (and who's Harley cafe racer gets us a lot of coverage!), dunno what i'd do without her!
    And my Worshop team of Glenn Moger and Tony Hillary who are the backbone of the whole set up, keen riders and skilled workers .
    Ciao Steve.






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